SEO & the value of Social Media integration

It is no longer enough to just focus on search engine optimization techniques.

When you rethink your marketing strategy the goal should be on integrating organic SEO tactics with social media marketing. As with any campaign, you need to focus on providing quality content marketing and social media marketing together with your SEO. It all starts with engaging your audience and providing them with good quality content. The goal is to build up a social media following to support, but also to promote and spread your SEO campaign.

Google Penguin – code name for a Google algorithm announced in April 2012- is keen to decrease any kind of search engine rankings that don’t stick to Google Webmaster Guidelines. This will have an important effect on SEO and will likely provide a new opening to those keen to honestly promote their brands. We are talking about the introduction of Social Media Integration which makes use of regular SEO, but integrates social media marketing into the marketing campaign, thus widening the opportunity to establish your brand. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter will now increase their role and importance. Already retweets, Facebook likes and Google +1s are being used to establish search rankings. Read More…

Creative Content Writing Your Brand Deserves

Take your corporate profile up a notch with our creative copy solutions.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” What kind of impression is your business making with your website, blog, social networks or print media? How does the content of each page help or hurt your company’s appeal? Are you writing engaging blog posts? If the marketplace was a singles bar, the internet would be the biggest speed dating event in history. How would you measure up to the competition? Overweight in content? Short on style? You want to be the kind of company that the consumer wants to take home to meet the parents.

Your interweb and print appeal is so very different than other forms of communication. In person, everything is about body language and certain kinds of eye contact. It helps to apply just the right kind of handshake and maintain good posture. On the phone, your most powerful tool is your tone of voice, which can be even more important than the actual reason you’re calling someone. “It’s not what you say, but how you say it”.

With creative website content however, the words are all you’ve got. Plain and simple, the actual words you choose to have on your website, blog or social networks and the way that they are organized is of the utmost importance. The quality of your written material is everything. Often it’s the only introduction a prospect will get and it’s the only frame of reference they have for you. So, it better be good, right? The power of the written word can work for you, or against you, but it is a formidable force in either case. Read More…

Why your business still needs unrelenting SEO

They Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking For

Why your business still needs unrelenting SEO

It’s the heart of summer. Cruise night hits the main drag of towns and cities across North America. With tops down, hair blown back, and shades still on (despite the encroaching dusk) carloads full of every kind of people tear up the street. Spectators park their cars near the strip and spend the night checking out various exotic vehicles. The heat is on and the air is filled with the sounds of roaring engines, screaming tires, good vibrations and… grumbling tummies.

When hunger strikes on cruise night, you’ve got to roll up on some chow. Whether it’s a drive-thru, a drive-in, an ice-cream shop or a street-side bar, everybody’s got to feed their

crave. Choices abound. So, where to go, what to eat? Your decision will likely boil down to being able to easily locate and get to a place that offers satisfaction. It’s not so much thekind of burger that matters, it’s about finding a decent burger place nearby. It’s less about being brand-myopic than it is about practicality. This scenario is not limited to the food services industry on a Friday night. Across the board, the reality is that consumers today want to qualify a buying decision quickly and move on to the next thing, whether it’s getting to the office, or getting their twelve-year old daughter to soccer practice. What a business actually needs to win the game is the right real estate.

“Location, location, location!”

A good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company understands that the desired formula for the late-night cruise bite (and all other business) is simple. Let’s stick with the fast food analogy for a moment. Here’s how it needs to work for your business to win: Read More…

How to work with a great SEO Consultant

How to work with a great SEO Consultant


Stay confident and build a relationship with your SEO Company

You’re in business to succeed. Hence the need today, for an efficient and savvy SEO consultant. With such a huge percent of prospective clients searching on Google, Bing and Yahoo you can’t afford to be anywhere but the top. If not, you remain invisible while the competition thrives.

The fact is, everyone seems to be offering SEO advice today and everyone is an expert. If you personally don’t have the expertise then you need to be sure the person you hire matches your needs. As with anyone you hire, it is a good idea and quite reasonable to ask for a few references. In fact, a confident SEO consultant would be happy to share that information. If success means keeping a client at the top of a search page then the question is simple: Did this SEO consultant succeed?

As a prospective client, feel free to ask how your money will be spent. What strategies will be used and how long should it take to see your company’s name pop up high on the search rankings. An experienced SEO consultant will initially sit down with you and take a good look at your site to ensure it is search engine friendly as well as “people friendly”, with clear web page titles, tags and links. Be sure to check if they will offer you any other SEO strategies that will get attention such as using blogs, press releases or other social media platforms.  Read More…

Finding an SEO Company that works like a Personal Trainer

How to survive in the Google Era:


Finding an SEO Company that works like a Personal Trainer

“Google It” has become the catch phrase of the century.  It is no secret that our world relies on the internet for information and search engines are the number one way we get it.  New information is constantly being added to the internet forcing organizations to pay constant attention to their website’s marketing plan so that they don’t become obsolete.

Every moment, millions of people are searching the internet from all over the world, entering specific keyword phrases to retrieve information, searching for products and services. Having a top search ranking and remaining on the first page of a SERP, (Search Engine Results Page) has huge benefits. How does a company increase their website’s search rankings? Read More…